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This page is dedicated to documenting the graffiti found at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston Ma. It is run by a current student. This blog does not encourage the defacement of the school, only hopes to preserve the possible art that can arise before it is lost forever.

MassartLegacy is seeking someone to take over this tumblr.

I have now graduated Massart and am not at the school much anymore, so will miss out on some good finds. I would love this page to be passed on to another student though.

If you are a current Massart Student and interested in continuing this page and idea, please send a message that contains your reason for why you would be a good choice. I do not need any personal info unless you are interested in giving it (it will not be shared with anyone else regardless). 

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Lets fight our demons
3rd floor ladies room tower 

Lets fight our demons

3rd floor ladies room tower 

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The Grout

3rd floor Tower ladies room

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